Thanks-Giving: An Attitude of Gratitude

Many times people will ask me the “secret” to positivity.  It’s of no surprise that there aren’t any secrets… but there are a few practices that studies have shown that positive and optimistic people have in common—none of which more strongly so than the seemingly simple practice of giving thanks.

People who make it a daily practice to integrate gratitude into their lives are on average happier, live longer, are more optimistic, and more likely to have satisfying social connections than their less-than-grateful counterparts.  Gratitude works in a few different ways and in many different layers.  Generally speaking, gratitude increases the positive emotions that surround us when we savor something good, and it reminds us of what is going well in our lives and keeps our attention there longer.

From this place of gratitude, however, much more evolves.  When we are in the space of good feelings, motivation to change happens, loving feelings increase, creativity sparks, and your mind opens to new possibilities.  So right now, as you read this in the month we celebrate Thanks-Giving, take a moment and ask yourself, “What are you grateful for in this moment?”







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