Let Freedom Ring

Being as it is the month of America’s Independence Day, it seemed apropos to write a little bit about independence and freedom, albeit sans the political slant. I personally, like to look at the big picture and life-enhancing philosophies of concepts and notions. Most of us are aware of Webster’s sense of the words independence and freedom, so I’d like to look at it from a different vantage.

I quickly realize that it’s not an easy task to define freedom for oneself. In music alone, from Janis’ proclamation that it’s simply “nothing left to lose,” to gospel choirs belting “none of us are free if one of us is chained,” to simply Jimi’s acoustic elucidation through his rendition of Star Spangled Banner, freedom can take meaning and form in countless ways. To this end, I believe it means something different to us all.

During this month that aims at celebrating such free will, I would encourage us to take a brief moment to self-examine and ask such questions as: What’s independence mean to you? How does the pursuit of life, liberty, and justice affect your life? How do you embrace your independence and support your liberties?  How does good for all tie into the good you do for yourself? In what ways do you take advantage of the amazing freedom in your life? In what ways could you be more grateful for your liberties?

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