Compassionate Versus Competitive: Defining The Strengths That Matter

There are many different personality and trait surveys available—yet one major oversight of most of these assessments is that they fail to define emotive qualities that span your entire way of being.  Determining your character strengths in comparison, is to find out the basis of how you optimally operate and how you utilize and implement all your other skills and traits.  Further, most look to assessments to find out what the best job they could be placed in would be, but seldom do people survey themselves to find out what parts of them, when cultivated, will lead to more fulfillment and happiness regardless of where they utilize them (key: once discovered, use them in every area of your life).

Defining your character strengths is one of simplest ways to increase positivity by encouraging the use of strengths (rather than weaknesses), thereby building self-esteem, increasing motivation, gaining greater self-knowledge, as well as increasing a sense of purpose. Studies have show that developing one’s character strengths accomplishes this by increasing moments of “flow,” supplying a source of heartfelt meaning in life, profound gratification, and a lasting boost in positivity.

Working with my clients, I have found the inquiry into their character strengths a vital component to not only their overall happiness, but in a more satisfying path towards achieving their goals and objectives.




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