Are Some People Just Born More Happy?

Have you ever wondered if people were just born happy or if it’s an acquired trait—and if it were, is it too late to learn their secrets?

Positive Psychology is based on the idea that 40% of your happiness comes from Intentional Activity: that is, your actions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes—all of which are malleable—and, in your control.  I believe people think certain thoughts many times over, they subsequently have a feeling associated with the thought, and it then turns into a belief they think to be the true. In not much time, these “truths” set up the way we think of others, our world, and ourselves.

If the way we think, speak and act is coupled with a positive attitude and inline with our principles, we tend to be happy. However, if deeper connection, vision, and engagement are generally missing and a lack of motivation, negativity, and stagnancy more prevalent, it’s time to take a closer look.

How much of or your life is not the way you’d like it to be?  How could you be more fulfilled? More positive?  More, dare I say it…happy? These “secrets” are unlocked through one-on-one sessions utilizing a unique methodology I’ve acquired through numerous discoveries in my fieldwork, results of specially created programs and essential tools, intimate client sessions and contemplations, as well as Positive Psychology-based research and studies that confirm and promise results over innumerable examinations and analysis.

What would it take to commit to enhancing your life right now?  How would your life be transformed if you started maximizing your 40% today?!

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