Inner Alchemy

“What I repeatedly encounter is over-stressed, under-balanced
and unsatisfied individuals with a genuine desire to instigate
change and take their lives in a new direction.  It comes down
to this: If you have the willingness and intention to grow, with
the proper support and framework, breakthroughs happen.”

- Beata, Alchemy and Commerce Founder




Inner Alchemy is our personal development series.

Through activities such as workshops, custom programs, and individual mentoring, you will
acquire the tools you need to develop a more fulfilled, gratifying and balanced life.

Our unique methodologies, rooted in Positive Psychology, explore the vision that you have for yourself while providing you with the structure to help you gauge your progress and achievement. Together we’ll chart an action plan, develop the required tools and implement the proper framework you’ll need to make the desired changes in your life.


One-on-one Mentoring Sessions

Define and track your goals, at your own pace, with personalized attention.

Our program foundations are based in classic personal growth studies, progressive goal setting, mindfulness practices, and Positive Psychology methodologies. Through individual mentoring, you will be able to identify and achieve your goals through self-introspection, creating space for reflection, expansive discussions and detailed planning.

“Beata has helped me find new opportunities for growth in all areas of my
life; she’s also been singularly effective in helping me overcome major challenges and
obstacles that I previously assumed were un-navigable. My work with her stands out as
one of the most valuable investments I’ve ever made in my own success and happiness.”
- Lisa G., Editorial Director & Writer

There’s no time like the present to begin instilling new practices and attitudes towards attaining truly rewarding change. Some of the goals you may want to focus on are:

  • Enjoying clear communications with those around you
  • Pinpointing effective causes for change and constructively challenging yourself
  • Engaging in life with confidence by identifying your core strengths
  • Gaining support and accountability to interactively draft and execute your life plan
  • Achieving a successful work-life balance
  • Nurturing “positivity” and cultivating happiness daily


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