Conscious Commerce

“I see a business as a community of people coming
together for the means of something greater than an
exchange of services for payment; rather, that business
is a framework which can be used as an opportunity
to develop both the individual and organization such
that both shall flourish.”

- Beata, Alchemy and Commerce Founder



Conscious Commerce is our professional development division dedicated to helping businesses develop a more cohesive and thriving organization.

Through redefining the limiting belief that business is solely defined as a profit-seeking enterprise,
we open ourselves to the possibility of greater success.

Conscious Commerce is for those companies who believe that its people are the bottom line—that with motivated and fulfilled employees, not only does revenue increase, but the overall success, scalability and longevity of the company.



We work with you to fulfill your company objectives, promote workplace happiness and catapult your company to the next level through:

  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Consulting
  • Trainings & Seminars
  • Customized Programs


Focus Points

For Established Businesses:
For Entrepreneurs:

Workplace Motivation
Aligning your employees’ objectives with that of your organization, increasing efficiency and individual contribution
Increases productivity & fulfillment

Company Cohesiveness
Supporting your business through adjusting markets with clear interdepartmental communication and positive company morale
Lessens unfocused efforts & dispersed resources

Inspired Leadership
Supporting leadership that inspires, challenges, and propels your organization forward with integrity
Tackles one of businesses’ largest untapped resources

Vision Alignment
Clarifying your vision and establishing mission scalability throughout your company
Addresses the difficulty founders find in translating their vision to their team

Enabling Key Players
Identifying your influencers and utilizing their strengths to create a common focus while facilitating stronger interdepartmental communication
Lessens unfocused efforts & dispersed resources

Sales Assessment
Implementing methods that align sales goals and motivations with your company’s objectives
Avoids sales results not in line with company strategies

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