Better people. Better community. Better world.

Alchemy and CommerceTM developed out of a lifelong desire to explore and study human growth and development.  This lead me to immerse myself in Vipassana Meditation, examine the works of new teachers as well as classic personal growth and spiritual texts, study the science of happiness at Stanford, and become a Board Certified Practitioner and Master of Positive Psychology.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many different kinds of people at various stages in their life and with their own specific challenges. After years of working within corporations; as a fitness instructor and teacher with troubled youth; as an environmentalist; as a writer and outdoorswoman; I have become aware of the pivotal challenge within the framework of our complex lives—“how do we stay connected?”

I believe staying connected is the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life.  With a heightened awareness and appreciation of our relationships to the people around us,  to the tasks before us and to the connection with our inner selves, our “true nature,” we transform our experience of everyday circumstances into the “magnificence of the present moment.”

Through my programs, seminars, and mentorship sessions, I create the opportunity for people to live, work, and experience life with more fulfillment, satisfaction and achievement.